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Prince Edward Island News: health-care workers

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A report on Prince Edward Island’s ailing health-care system says the province needs about 1,200 additional workers over the next 10 years.

The report by Halifax-based health-care consulting firm Health Intelligence says the province will need 1,194 more workers across all health disciplines by 2032.

Health Intelligence says its forecast is based on the province’s plan to reform the health-system by adding more nurses, doctors and pharmacists to the network.

It says the province would only need 245 more health workers over the same period should the government implement a less ambitious reform.

The consulting firm says its report takes into account matters such as retirement, migration out of the province, and the death rate of workers.

The report says much of the health burden in the province is caused by cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease, and diabetes.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 17, 2023.

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