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Sun Life’s innovative approach to mental health treatment

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“Becoming a first-time mother has been incredibly exciting and fulfilling. However, I found myself needing extra support for my mental health,” she said. “There were several barriers preventing me from getting this, including cost. I was able to navigate my situation by working with a Mental Health Coach. A quick response and an action plan were what I needed and helped me to feel better.”

Half of all disability claims for people under 44 are for mental diseases, making younger Canadians the group most affected by mental health problems. With MHC’s individualized and proactive approach, participants can take control of and improve their mental health. As a result, 50% fewer claims convert to long-term disability and those on short-term disability return to work over five weeks sooner.

“Research has shown that early access to treatment accelerates recovery and leads to better long-term outcomes,” said Dr. Sam Mikail, Director, Mental Health Solutions, Sun Life. “Mental Health Coach is a unique solution helping those at risk navigate the mental health ecosystem so they can connect with the care they need in a timely manner.”

The Mental Health Coach greatly reduces the impact of typical mental health problems. They offer frequent check-ins and counseling on clients’ progress while assisting them in developing goals and a unique action plan.

General anxiety was reduced in 73% of clients who had reassessment, sleep disorder symptoms were reduced in 69% of clients, and depressive symptoms were reduced in 68% of clients. The Coach can suggest other medical professionals if necessary.