Canada Life makes charitable giving easier with first-of-its-kind products

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My Par Gift is the first insurance plan in the Canadian market that’s specifically created for charity donations. It simultaneously provides customers the chance to leave a legacy, while giving charities control and flexibility over the insurance policy.

“This new product connects to these values, making it easier for clients to give back to the causes they care about. With no future payments or commitments, the one-time payment is all that’s needed to see the benefits of goodwill,” Orlander said .

Effective March 30, any Canadian wishing to leave a legacy can benefit from this unique new product by speaking with an advisor.

“The social good this product will do for Canadian charities cannot be understated,” says Ruth MacKenzie, president & CEO, Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

“Life insurance has always been a powerful tool for Canadians to protect their families and now that impact can be extended to support their most-loved causes, while also taking advantage of Canada’s favorable tax, financial and estate planning system.”