‘Young Life’ reignites in the community | Local

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ROCHESTER, Minn.– Young Life Rochester has one message for the community–they’re back!

Young Life is a non-profit Christian organization that aims to be strong mentors for the local youth. In Rochester, they’re working closely with high school students.

Members of the organization came together on Sunday after what one committee member, Brian Tremain, said was a time where many became ‘disengaged’–referring to the social challenges that came with the rise of COVID-19.

Not only does Young Life work to connect mentors with students, but it also reaches healthy across several local high schools to bring students together with hopes of building friendships. Through this they host game nights, camps, and a weekly ‘club’ party.

Tremain, who is a 2008 high school graduate recalls what his experience with Young Life was like.

“When I was going through high school, Young Life had a pretty large footprint here in Rochester.” he recalled. “Since then it had diminished a little bit but honestly, for the past two to three years, Young Life has reintegrated itself into the community.”

As of now at least 140 Rochester students are involved with the Young Life program.

“And we hope there is an upswing in that, a change, that we can bring the community back together.” Tremain says. “ I think probably some of the people who suffered the most through COVID are our students.”