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30 Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

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We know what you’re thinking: How exciting can chicken breasts be? As it turns out, it’s pretty exciting, actually. Plus, the fact that these chicken breast recipes also happen to be healthy too is really the cherry on top of the cake. Admittedly, Team Delish is solidly very much about chicken thighs, but these healthy (yet still super-satisfying) chicken breast recipes have us rethinking our allegiance, especially if BBQ chicken salad is what’s for dinner tonight!

When it comes to healthy eating, we think it’s the key to keeping boredom at bay. Chicken breasts can often get a bad rap, but they’re also the perfect blank canvas for endless flavor combos that would never come across as bland “health food.” Personally, we can’t get enough of the combo of chicken + any and all citrus. It’s a light and bright way to add tons of flavor without feeling weighed down, as we did with our recipes for crunchy Mandarin orange chicken salad, one-pan coconut lime chicken, and skillet lemon lemon-herb chicken and potatoes.

Eating healthy also doesn’t mean you have to give up those comfort food classics. Far from it! Case in point: our air-fryer chicken parm recipe. It’s truly unbelievable that something so crispy and indulgent-tasting doesn’t use any oil. And don’t get us started on our air-fryer orange chicken. It’s sweet and savory just like the classic mall food court, but just a tiny bit better for you.

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