How many evenings have seemed endless due to the constant over-analyzing we do in our minds? If you belong to the category of “overthinkers”, you understand exactly what we mean. A simple and innocent thought can very easily become inflated and end up being a torture of our psychology. Most problems are created by ourselves in the first place, due to the fact that we often allow them to creep into us, focusing on the worst case scenario and not on their solution. This is how a person who analyzes everything functions. Except that in this case even an insignificant event is capable of turning it into a stressful situation.

Why is this happening to me?

It’s a question everyone asks themselves. In general, overthinking is considered common in most of us, as we tend to think about how a situation can develop, what emotions it will bring us, how we will manage it if it actually happens, focusing mainly on the future. Certainly, it is good to keep possible versions in our subconscious, but always in moderation. If you get to the point where you focus more on the thoughts of your imagination, then it means that you are not in full control.

This habit – overthinking words, behaviors, circumstances – does not have a positive effect on our mental health. In fact, it is particularly threatening for us, but also for our interpersonal relationships. It puts us in an emotional lethargy and overwhelms us with anxiety to the maximum extent, where we are unable to find a way out. So, we destroy a piece of our well-being and slowly enter into a process of questioning those around us, which does not allow us to enjoy our everyday moments.

The tricky part comes when, while we recognize how much harm we are doing to ourselves, we still don’t try to improve it. We believe that we cannot get rid of it and choose to simply accept the situation. That is exactly where the biggest mistake is. There is always room for improvement, progress never stops. What we are depends on us. It is up to us to decide how we will continue to live. Full of inexplicable – chaotic thoughts or mentally peaceful?


Stay busy

The more you choose to spend time alone lying on the couch at home, the harder it will be to break this habit. Invest in your daily routine and create a schedule of things you enjoy. Surely work helps the mind to forget, but what happens afterwards? Make sure you spend quality time with friends, exercise, take care of yourself, try new activities. In this way, you will slowly stop focusing on negative thoughts, as your mind will be occupied with pleasant situations. Once a reasonable period of time has passed, you will find that no matter what you do, you have managed to reduce it significantly.

Get rid of toxicity

Many times a factor that pushes us into this habit is people in our close circle, who only create negativity for us. Be it family members, friends, or even our partners, if you find yourself surrounded by such people, then it is necessary to get rid of them. They put you through this process because of the immense insecurity they make you feel. The social environment is extremely important and affects our psychology much more than we think. Those of you who have been in toxic relationships, you find when you leave that your mind calms down and that chaos no longer prevails in you.

Accept that not everything can be controlled

Overthinking everything is a way to protect ourselves from any actions that are likely to happen. This is clearly not possible. What the future holds is unknown. Let’s come to terms with the idea that whatever is to be done, will be done.

Make peace with the past

Have you ever wondered when it started happening to you? Perhaps an experience that costs you, such as a betrayal, prompts you to analyze your thoughts so that you will not be disappointed again. In this case, you should look into the matter more deeply. If we do not forgive past mistakes, we will not be able to move forward. Therefore, identify the source of the problem and look for ways to put a permanent end to it. In this context, the contribution of a psychologist can help show you the way to prosperity.