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Thinning Hair? These Hair Regrowth Products From Hers Can Help

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Most of us would like thicker, healthier hair. Unfortunately, stress, hormonal changes, and even certain health conditions like alopecia areata can lead to thinning or bald spots. Although frustrating, you don’t need to commit to wearing hats for the rest of your life. We’ve recently discovered the hair growth products from Hers. Along with being a dermatologist formulated and made with doctor-trusted ingredients, hundreds of women have been able to say yes to thicker hair. Seriously, check out their before and after snaps!

Hers Hair Regrowth Products


According to Cleveland Clinic, more than 50 percent of women experience hair loss, but you don’t have to be one of them. Hers offers a variety of hair treatments.

What Makes Hers Different

All of us have health concerns from time to time. Unfortunately, getting help isn’t always as easy as ordering a latte at your local coffee place. Sometimes we’re embarrassed, are between providers, or simply don’t know where to start.

What makes Hers fantastic is that it’s all about destigmatizing common health concerns, like stress-related hair thinning, and empowering you, the consumer, with real, science-backed solutions.

Instead of waiting months to see a dermatologist or GP, you can gain access to the Her’s team of licensed medical professionals through their site. Hers can help with:

They also offer prescription hair solutions, including these recently launched products.

For Hers Hair Regrowth Products


If you’re not a fan of swallowing pills, you’ll love the chewable formula of Hers Minoxidil & Biotin. Minoxidil has been clinically shown to regrow hair in three to six months. It works by increasingly blood flow to hair follicles to improve hair density. Hers combines the ingredient with biotin, a B vitamin that supports hair growth and strong nails.

The 2-in-1 treatment only needs to be taken once per day, has a delicious lemon flavor, and is far less messy than foams or serums. While oral minoxidil would have to be prescribed, the great thing about Hers is that you get a prescription through the telehealth’s company website if it’s right for you.. Simply take the hair quiz as part of your online consultation. From there you’re connected to a licensed medical provider who can help determine if the treatment is best for you.

Regardless if the provider recommends you go with minoxidil & Biotin or another custom treatment, your hair regrowth product ships free, and you have unlimited access to licenses health providers if any questions arise.


For Hers Hair Regrowth Products


It gets tiring — and expensive — taking every natural supplement that promises to strengthen hair. It’s one of the reasons we’re excited about Hers Minoxidil & Hair Vitamins. It’s a single pill that has everything you need for better hair days.

If you have a nutrient deficiency that’s negatively impacting your hair, certain vitamins can be great. However, they can only do so much alone and may not be effective if you are not deficient in the specific vitamins or minerals. What makes Minoxidil & Hair Vitamins a better option is that it has the proven ingredient, minoxidil. You know, the ingredient that’s been clinically shown to regrow hair?

Along with this powerful ingredient, the supplement has a combo of B vitamins, as well as Vitamin C. To see if it’s a good fit for your needs, share your hair concerns via the quiz on Hers, and connect to a licensed medical professional. .


These are the only two hair growth products that Her’s offers. They also have volumizing shampoo and conditioner, postmenopausal hair loss spray, biotin gummies, and even a minoxidil solution if you prefer something topical.

Ready to find a hair treatment that’s true to you and your specific concerns? visit Hers today.