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Young Sheldon Season 7 Can Fix Georgie’s Sad TBBT Love Life

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Now that it is canonically confirmed that Georgie and Mandy are getting married Young Sheldonthis could justify Georgie’s seems sad love life in The Big Bang Theory. One welcome surprise in The Big Bang Theory was the introduction of Sheldon’s older brother Georgie. Written off as amouth-breathing idiot” by Sheldon himself, Jerry O’Connell’s Georgie turned out to be a charming and successful business owner. This might have surprised The Big Bang Theory viewers, but it makes sense that Sheldon would not consider his brother’s achievements impressive given Sheldon’s own ego.


However, one thing that didn’t really fit Georgie’s character was a throwaway reference to an ex-wife. While Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon the relationship has been tough on them, Georgie doesn’t seem like someone who would rush to end a failing commitment. Despite this, in The Big Bang Theoryviewers know that Georgie is divorced but don’t know how long his marriage lasted or why it ended. Young Sheldon can fix this now that the spinoff’s season 6 finale confirmed Mandy & Georgie’s marriage. Viewers can reasonably surmise that Mandy is the ex-wife Georgie refers to The Big Bang Theory.

Georgie & Mandy’s Divorce Isn’t Necessarily Bad

Georgie shows something to shock Mandy in the Young Sheldon Season 6 finale

Assuming that Georgie’s ex-wife is Mandy, it is pretty easy to imagine how the pair ended up arriving at an amicable divorce. They want different things in life despite their chemistry and, as such, it seems unlikely that they will be able to make their romance work in the long run. While the proposal is in Young Sheldon‘s season 6 finale was romantic, this moment came at the end of the couple’s umpteenth fight. Thanks to their age gap, both characters having divergent life plans, and their proven ability to co-parent even when they are not romantically involved, it is easy to imagine a breakup in their future.

If Young Sheldon season 7 confirms that Mandy and Georgie’s divorce was the failed marriage referenced in The Big Bang Theory, this would explain this jarring element of Georgie’s older character. It never really added up for Georgie to have simply given up on an offscreen marriage, but Mandy and him chose to call it quits because of their considerable struggles as a couple does seem like a healthy, mature decision. As such, Young Sheldon season 7 can reframe Georgie’s divorce as a good call that was for the best, something that The Big Bang Theory never clarified.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Can Make Georgie’s TBBT Future Brighter

Georgie plot hole big bang young sheldon

When the spinoff returns, Young Sheldon season 7 can make Georgie’s future bright by confirming that he has only been divorced once. If his marriage to Mandy ended because the pair mutually agreed that they were never going to work out, then this means that Georgie’s choice to get divorced was a responsible decision. This proves his point in The Big Bang Theory, where he claims that he had to take care of Sheldon and his family as he rapidly grew more mature in his young adulthood. Thus, since The Big Bang Theory saw Sheldon and Georgie work through their feud, Young Sheldon‘s version of the hero can look forward to a bright future.